Project designation | Lantal Textiles Inovação
Project code |NORTE-01-0249-FEDER-032797
Main goal| Reinforce the investigation, the technological development and innovation

Region of implementation| NORTE


Aproval’s date | 22-02-2018

Starting date | 2017-06-07
End date | 2019-09-03

Total eligible cost | 1.739.220,96 EUROS

European Union financial support from | FEDER - 695.688,38 EUROS

National/Regional public financial support | 0 EUROS

The objectives underlying the project have the aim to diversify the current portfolio, namely the public transport products,

so that such an approach is translated into the widening and diversification of the client portfolio, and consequently,

in the growth of the company in foreign markets, representing 93% (with emphasis on the European and American market)

It intends to increase production capacity by around 90%, based mainly on the acquisition of new equipment and technologies for a better

response capacity to the market, more efficient and competitive productive process to produce innovative and differentiating products to the market.